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Research Foundation Program

In 1990, the Executive Committee of Beta Beta Beta initiated the development of the Beta Beta Beta Research Foundation. The Foundation supports undergraduate research thus, the Beta Beta Beta Research Grant Foundation was established. Cash grants are awarded annually to support deserving undergraduate research projects. Beginning in 1994, 90% of the accumulated interest from the Foundation funds were distributed to selected undergraduate student members of Beta Beta Beta. Recipients are selected on the basis of an application reviewed by his/her Regional Vice President and District Directors.

The Foundation will continue to award grants annually and begin seeking financial support through fund raising programs. Contributions will be sought from corporations, fund groups, individuals, and our own chapters. It is hoped that TriBeta chapters will assume an active role in the drive, since their members will be the ones to benefit. Contributions from chapters may be derived from fund-raisers, dues, alumni support, or leftover funds at the end of the year. The fund drive plan is as follows:


Annual chapter donation categories will be based on chapter membership. Chapters participating will receive a platinum, gold, silver, or bronze stamped certificate and be listed in BIOS for recognition of their contributions. Donor levels will be as follows: 


Platinum Chapter        $10.00 per current active members

Gold Chapter               $5.00 per current active members

Silver Chapter             $2.50 per current active members

Bronze Chapter           $1.00 per current active members


Alumni, faculty, or any interested person may donate a tax deductible contribution. A memorial or honorary donation may also be made in someone's name. These donors will receive a platinum, gold, silver, or bronze certificate and be listed in BIOS. The donor levels will be as follows:


Platinum Individual:     $500 +

Gold Individual:          $100 - $499

Silver Individual:         $50 - $99

Bronze Individual:       $25 - $49


For information on submitting an application and to download the research grant application form, click the button below. 


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