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TriBeta Chapters & Clubs

Individual membership in TriBeta is through a chapter on the campus of a four-year accredited college or university. There are more than 650 chapters across the United States and Puerto Rico offering their members activities and experiences that enrich and extend, but do not duplicate the primary requirements for the biology major.


The national constitution provides a framework for chapter activities, but each chapter is free to function in accordance with its own needs and school philosophy. Chapter programs typically include guest speakers, reports of research by members and department faculty, field trips, maintenance of collections, community service and social gatherings. Most chapters have a lounge or office on campus. A faculty advisor provides continuity and experience to the student members.

The framework for chapter governance and membership induction ceremony procedures, download the Rituals of Installation and Constitution Booklets below.  Many forms and resources are provided on our Forms and Files page to assist chapter advisors and chapter officers.  

Establishing a Chapter or Club

The following are the guidelines and procedures an institution must follow if interested in establishing a TriBeta Chapter or Club.  For any questions, please contact our National Office through the Contact Us tab or via email to

  1. An Institution must be accredited by its regional accrediting association and be a baccalaureate degree-granting institution if it is applying for a chapter. An institution applying for a TriBeta Club must be an associate degree-granting institution and must have a written agreement from an active chapter at a four-year college or university consenting to sponsor and be supportive of the affiliated club. 

  2. Submit the completed application to the Executive Director via email to  The application fee of $300 can be paid via PayPal or by mailing a check or money order to the National Office.  The applications for a chapter and club can be downloaded below. 

  3. The district director or someone appointed by them will visit the school. This visit will be both for the purpose of acquainting the school with Beta Beta Beta’s program and aims and to gain further knowledge about the school. TriBeta needs to know if a chapter or club will survive at the school thus the district director will be interested in the size of the department, number of faculty, number of majors, laboratory space and equipment, library holdings, plans for the future and administration support of the new chapter or club. Travel expenses for the TriBeta representative will be paid by Beta Beta Beta.

  4. After the TriBeta representative has visited the school, they will prepare a written report for the Executive Committee. If the application is approved by the Executive Committee, a vote of the chapters in that district will be taken.

  5. Once the application is approved by the chapters, the new chapter or club may begin arranging for its installation with the Executive Director and the district director or installing officer. Once again the travel expenses of the TriBeta representative will be paid by TriBeta, but local expenses are paid by the new chapter or club.​

List of Chapters

Beta Beta Beta chapters and clubs are located at colleges and universities in the United States and Puerto Rico.  Chapter information is provided by state, in alphabetical order by school name, and on regional maps created using Google Maps.  Please note, chapter updates, such as chapter advisor changes and new chapters, are updated at least three times per year on the website, typically September, January, and May. 


TriBeta District Map.png

Chapter Activities

Every Chapter should undertake the following programs:

  1. Initiate new members at least once a year, registering them with the National Office to make their membership official.

  2. Report to the National Office at least once a year. The contents of the report is up to your chapter. Be sure the names of officers and new advisor are reported.

  3. Undertake some program to promote TriBeta's aims as stated in the National Constitution, Article II.  Suggestions for programs and activities appear in the information booklet and in BIOS.

Inactive Chapters

If a chapter does not register new members for three consecutive years, a warning letter will be sent to the chapter advisor, department chairperson, and dean. A District Director may visit the chapter to discuss problems and try to help reactivate the chapter.

If a chapter does not activate within five years, the charter may be recalled. If a charter is recalled, the university must re-apply and pay the application fee to re-establish a charter.


If a chapter has been inactive for a number of years and the charter has NOT been recalled, the chapter advisor, student officers, or interested students should contact the National Office for instructions concerning reactivation of the chapter.

BIOS Chapter News & Chapter Officers


Please email chapter news to the BIOS editor.  You will receive back on email a copy of the edited text for your corrections. There is no deadline. The chapter news will be included in an upcoming issue of BIOS. If you have pictures, you should ask the BIOS editor how and where to send them.  The BIOS editor is Dr. Nancy Todd.  For any BIOS related questions, please feel free to contact her via email

Submit the form below for your Chapter Officers to be published in BIOS.  Enter N/A for any positions that are vacant. 

Thank you for submitting your chapter's officers.

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