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Chapter Announcements

Dated:  January 31st, 2024

Here we go!  2024 is here and TriBeta is gearing up for a fantastic year!  We have Spring district conventions coming up in March and April and the National Convention following at the end of May!  We have many training sessions coming up for the new membership registration platform, as well as New Chapter Advisor overview + Q&A meetings on the calendar.  More announcements are below. 


As always, we are always available at the National Office to answer any of your questions, we are committed to helping your chapter grow and thrive. Thank you for your dedicated service to your chapter and its members.

Bertholf Award

The deadline for chapters to submit for consideration for the Bertholf Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award is Friday, February 2nd, 2024.  Information about the award and the form to complete are here:  Bertholf Award.  If your chapter hosted a district convention, attended a district convention, had members awarded research grants, had students submit for BIOS publication consideration, had chapter service or social projects, please submit an application for your chapter.  So many of your chapters do so many great things, but do not apply!  No matter the size of the chapter or number of members, all chapters are considered based on their merit of activities.  1st place receives a plaque and $500 monetary award for the chapter, 2nd place receives a plaque and $250. 


Registering New Members:  My Honor Society (MHS)


All memberships will be processed through the My Honor Society system.  Students can pay for their membership through the online platform; Chapters no longer have to collect national dues and submit them to the national office.  If you are registered as the Chapter Advisor, you already have a login created.  Click “Forgot Password” and enter your school email address for a link to be sent to you.  Contact the national office if the system does not have your information and we will create a login for you.


Live MHS Training Demos & Q&A with National Office

Please register to attend one of the 1-hour training sessions for the My Honor Society platform.  A chapter officer can attend in your place or along with you.  These are not mandatory, but attendance at one training session is strongly recommended. 

Monday, 2/5/24 @ 11am CST - Register

Tuesday, 2/6/24 @ 11am CST - Register

Wednesday, 2/7/24 @ 2pm CST - Register

Thursday, 2/8/24 @ 3pm CST - Register

Friday, 2/9/24 @ 10am CST - Register

Monday, 2/12/24 @ 2pm CST - Register

Tuesday, 2/13/24 @ 4pm CST - Register

Wednesday, 2/14/24 @ 10am CST - Register

Thursday, 2/15/24 @ 10am CST - Register

Friday, 2/16/24 @ 12pm CST - Register

New Chapter Advisor Info + Q&A Sessions with National Office

If you are a new chapter advisor, please complete the new advisor form so we can update our records and create your MHS login.   Form:


We are having two information sessions to provide an overview of TriBeta, member benefits, and chapter advisor responsibilities and allow time for Q&A with the National Office.  Please register to attend one of these sessions.  Any chapter advisor can attend, not just new ones.  These are not mandatory but meant to be helpful and informational. 


Wednesday, February 7th @ 11am CST – Register

Thursday, February 15th @ 2pm CST – Register


District Conventions + District Convention Travel Grants

Please make plans for your chapter and members to attend your upcoming district convention.  District conventions are held in March and April.  Any TriBeta member can attend and present at the convention.  Fall 2023 research grant recipients are eligible to apply for District Convention Travel grants.  The deadline to apply is Friday, March 1st, 2024.  Convention info and the travel grant application can be found here:

National Convention

Registration will be open very soon for the National Convention to be held in Columbus, Georgia at Columbus State University on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024 – Sunday, June 2nd, 2024.  Any TriBeta member can attend and/or present at the National Convention.  Once registration is live, an email will be sent to all chapter advisors.  All travel forms for the national convention will be updated by March 1st on the website.  Link:


Merchandise Sale

TriBeta’s Winter Sale has been extended through Sunday, 2/11/2024.  25% off all apparel items being offered or Free TriBeta socks with purchase of the Graduation Trio package.  Please encourage your May graduates to purchase their graduation medallions and stoles now and not wait until April!  Students must be a regular or promoted member to purchase graduation regalia items.


Reminder!  Chapters can order merchandise in bulk and save 25% on all items except graduation regalia.  Please email the national office if your chapter would like to place a bulk order so we can generate a promo code for your purchase.


TriBeta’s National Partner, Be the Match, is now NMDP

At the beginning of 2024, Be the Match officially rebranded and is now known as NMDP.  A representative of NMDP will be attending each TriBeta organized district convention this Spring and will be attending the national convention.  Many chapters have held a campus event or lecture series hosted by NMDP this past Fall and many other chapters have events scheduled for this Spring.  Reach out to NMDP if your chapter is interested in having a Donor Registration drive on your campus or community or wants more information on the class lecture series.  Later in February, we will be hosting another NMDP + TriBeta webinar to review the partnership and go over chapter activity options.  An email inviting you to that webinar info session will be sent soon.  Link:

Follow TriBeta on Social Media

Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook!  Please tell your members to follow our pages and if your chapter has a social media account, please send us the link so we can follow your page back.  If your chapter posts about chapter events, member inductions, or other activities, please use the hashtags #TriBeta and #BetaBetaBeta, as well as tag the National Office pages. Click the links below to go to each social media page to follow.  

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