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Undergraduate Research Grants

The TriBeta Research Foundation Program provides financial support for meritorious undergraduate research proposals.  The research applications are to be developed and submitted by undergraduates who are regular TriBeta members at the time of the submission of the application.  The grant program is designed to introduce undergraduate students to the basic process of research and research funding.  The proposed research project must be described and the tentative cost associated with the project identified. 

The submission due date for the research grant application is posted on the website and the grants are usually awarded by the 1st of November to allow the student the maximum amount of time to complete the project before the end of the academic year. 

The actual dollar value awarded for each selected grant will depend on the rational for requested funds and the quality of the proposal.  Awards may be funded completely or partially depending on fund availability and the discretion of the evaluators.  Most of the awards have been in the $250 - $1,500 range.  Attempts will be made to award as many deserving grants as possible. 


If the research is funded, the student must present their research at a TriBeta conference or convention.  This may be a District, Regional, or National convention.  The research may be presented in a poster or an oral session.  If the student is not able to present their research at a TriBeta conference or convention, they can submit their research to BIOS for publication consideration.  If the student does not meet the above requirements after having used the grant money to complete the work, the grant committee will not consider any future applications from that chapter for a period of one year.  If the student cannot complete the work within that year and must continue the next year, the student should notify both the regional Vice President and the National Office so that future applications from his/her chapter will not be penalized.

For information on submitting an application and to download the research grant application form, click the button below. 

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