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Research Grant Applications

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION SUBMISSION:  Saturday, September 30th, 2023, 11:59PM PST.

Beta Beta Beta, through our Research Foundation, supports selected research activities by TriBeta undergraduate student members.  Students interested in applying for a research scholarship must be registered as regular members at the National Office before the grant submission date.  Your membership number can be located on your certificate or locate your name on the member list here:  Member List.  If you cannot locate your name, but have paid your dues to the chapter, input Pending for your member number. 

Download the editable application form, provide all information requested and save as a PDF file.  Please save your application file with the following naming convention.  If submitting multiple files, each file name must contain this information. 

Naming Convention:  LastNameFirstName_GreekChapter_School.pdf
Example:  DalyIris_BetaZeta_UnivNorthAlabama.pdf

A sample application is provided for your reference.  Please note, The student member info is fictional, the abstract and research description are based on an actual application received previously.  There is also a FAQ document available to help answer questions.  

All research grant applications must be submitted via the JotForm link provided on the application and below.  Once submitted, the applicant(s), chapter advisor, and research advisor will be notified via email of the successful submission.  

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