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The McClung Award

The McClung Award is offered for the most outstanding paper published by an undergraduate, regular member in BIOS, a quarterly journal, each year. All papers published in BIOS are automatically reviewed by the McClung Committee which announces the Award in January of each year.

The following are the Judging Criteria for the McClung Award:

  • Papers that have no undergraduate members among the authors will not be considered for the Award.

  • Papers that have undergraduate members who are sole authors would be given the greatest preference if they are among the top three according to quality.

  • Papers that have only undergraduate members as the senior and a single junior author would be given the second greatest preference if they are among the top three according to quality.

  • Papers that have undergraduate members as the senior author and several undergraduate members as junior authors would be given the third greatest preference according to the paper with the least number of junior authors if they are among the top three according to quality.

  • Papers that have the undergraduate members as the senior authors and graduate students as junior authors would be given the fourth greatest priority if they are among the top three according to quality.

  • Papers that have undergraduate students as the senior author and junior authors who are faculty would be given the fifth highest priority and the paper/s with the fewest number of faculty junior authors would be given preference if they are among the top three according to quality.

To download a PDF file of the complete list of winners, please click the following link:  McClung Award Winners

2021--Furman, William P., Sullivan, Alvin J., Bitterman, Alexander J., and Garrett, Joshua P. (2021) "p38 MAPK is involved in the sustained loss of endothelial barrier function induced by Tumor Necrosis Factor-α" BIOS 92(4): 117-126, 2021.

2020--Baskerville, Andrew, Janet Donahue, Glenda Gillaspy, and Floyd Lester Erickson. (2019) "Identification of a WD-repeat protein that binds and activates the deubiquitinase USP3 from Arabidopsis thaliana" BIOS: 91(2): 90-99.

2019--Castleberry, Alissa M., and Roark, Alison M.. (2019)  "Genetic fingerprinting of Exaiptasia pallida anemones via a modified amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) method" BIOS 90(3): 139-148, 2019.

2018--Crum, Raphael J., Wiebke S. Diestelkamp, and Carissa M. Krane. (2018)  “Pravastatin™ suppresses venous shear stress dependent induction of Aquaporin 1 protein expression in human umbilical vein endothelial cells in vitro”  BIOS 89(4):174-184.

2017--Jennifer H. Daly, Juliann M. Jakeman and Sheryl L. Fuller-Espie.  "Earthworm Coelomocytes Exhibit Chemotaxis to Pathogen-associated Molecular Patterns: an in vitro Analysis Using a Combined Boyden-flow cytometry Approach." 

BIOS 88(4):153-161, 2017.

2016--Olson, Amalia E and Teresa F DeGolier, “Contractile activity of Rubus idaeus extract on isolated mouse uterine strips.” BIOS 87(2):39-47, 2016.

2015--Barksdale, Vance, Marcus Newell, and Kristy :L. Duran, BIOS 86(2):47-52, 2015, "Nuclear intergenic DNA sequence divergence in a Texas dwarf mistletoe (Arceuthobium divaricatum) population."

2014--Skylar Hopkins. "Fitness cost of ampicillin resistance in Escherichia coli." BIOS 85(1):1-7, 2014.


2013-- Kaylynn Coates and Katherine Robertson. "Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors are required for nestmate-odor memory retrieval but not for olfaction in harvester ants (Pogonomyrmex barbatus)" BIOS 84(3):158-164, 2013.


2012-- Protzko, Ryan and Floyd Lester Erikson. "A scaled-down and simplified protocol for purifying recombinant Taq DNA polymerase." BIOS 83(1):8-11, 2012.


2011--Justin Johnson and Eric Blackwell. "Population dynamics of two aquatic salamanders, Siren intermedia and Amphiuma tridactylum in the Mississippi Delta." BIOS 82(3):72-77.


2010--Krystal M. Tamura. "The effects of butylated hydroxyanisole magnitude and duration on the release of cytochrome c." BIOS 81(1):16-21.


2009--Boylan, James; Florybeth La Valle; Yourha Kang."Determination of genetic relationships among populations of Asclepias tuberosa(Asclepiadaceae) based on ISSR polymorphisms." BIOS 80(1):25-34.


2008—Berger, Jennifer and Teresa DeGolier.  “Pharmacological effects of the aqueous extract of Caulophyllum thalictroides (blue cohosh) on isolatedMus Musculus uteri.  BIOS 79(3):103-114.


2007—Bernice Moser and James Ryburn.  “Evaluation of developmental toxicity of interaction between caffeine and pseudoephedrine using frog embryo teratogenesis assay-Xenopus (Fetax).”  BIOS 78(1):1-9.


2006 – Lori C. Stuart.  “Re-isolation of bacteria from intentionally contaminated surfaces.”  BIOS 77(2):47-55. Angelo State University, Epsilon Sigma Chapter.


2005 -- Kruti K. Patel and Courtney Siegel.“Genetic monogamy in captive pigeons (Columba livia) assessed by DNA Fingerprinting”  BIOS 76(2):97-101, 2005  Widener University, Rho Kappa Chapter


2004—Stacey J. Dunn.  “Foraging and prey handling behaviors of the generalist Thamnophis hammondii offered various prey types” published in BIOS 75(2):58-64.


2003--Beth S. Gummersheimer.  “Identification of Lead Resistant Bacteria from a Heavily Contaminated Site” published in BIOS   74-2.


2002--Alysa J. Darcy and Megan C. Burkart.  “Allelopathic Potential ofVincia minor, an Invasive Erotic Plant in West Michigan Forests” published in BIOS 73-4.


2001--Louise Hecker.  “Developmental Analysis of Limb Deformities in Amphibians” published in BIOS 72-1.


1999--David Folden.  “Promotor Analysis of the Human Prostate-specific Homebox Gene, NKX3.1” published in BIOS 70-4.


1998--Amy Rizzitello.  “The Homeotic Transformation of Tails-into-Limbs in Amphibians Treated with Retinol Palmitate” published in BIOS 69-2.


1997--Lester Hutt, Epsilon Chi, New Mexico Tech.  “Cu2+ and Cd2+ Remediation of Contaminated Liquid Media by Hydroponic Growth of Saltcedars” published in BIOS 68-3.


1996--David C. Brunswick.  “Effect of Diazoxide on the Morphology of the Pancreatic Islets of Mice: A Quantitative Analysis of the Diameter, Surface Area, and Number of Islets and Blood Glucose Level” published in BIOS 67-1, 1996.


1995--Jeffery T. Tokazewski.  “Anti-Iodiotype Antibody Production for Immunoprophylaxis and Immunotherapy” published in BIOS 66-3, 1955.


1994--Raymond Hix.  “Determining the Status of Microbes in Polluted Sediments using thin Layer Chromatography-flame Ionization Detection Lipid Analysis” published in BIOS 65-2, 1994.


1993--Sonya Vieria, Upsilon Delta Chapter, Drew University.  “The Effects of Vertebrae Extracellular Matrix Proteins and the Tripeptide RGD in the Adhesion of Drosophilia Melanogaster Embryonic Cells” published in BIOS 64, 1,2, 1992.


1992--Jane Colonna-Romano, Framingham State College.  “Color constancy in Apis mellifera: A New Model” published in BIOS 63, 1,2, 1992.


1991--Manish Kumar, Tri-State University.  “Accumulation of Pb, Cd, and Zn in Aquatic Snails from Four Freshwater Sites in Steuben County, Indiana” published in BIOS 62-1, 1991.


1990-1991--Jennifer L. Reed, Upsilon Delta Chapter, Drew University.  “Effects of Substrate and R-G-D on Motility of Avian Myoblasts in Vitro” published in BIOS 61-4, 1990.


1989-1990--Andrew M. Standeven, Rho Alpha Chapter, Ursinus College.  “The Effect of Low pH and Elevated Aluminum Ion Concentration on the Growth and Mortality Rates of Damselfly nymphs” published in BIOS 59-3, 1988.


1988-1989--David C. Cone, Upsilon Delta Chapter, Drew University.  “The Diel pH Fluctuations of Two Freshwater Ponds and their Physiological Effects on the Resident Population of Carassius auratus” published in BIOS 59-1, 1988.


1985-1987-- No Awards


1983-1984--Annette Adelmann, College of St. Catherine.  “The Derivation of a Suitable Lymophoblastoid Cell Line useful for Generating Human-Human Hybridomas” published in BIOS 55-1, 24-30, March, 1984.


1982--Mitchell J. Patti, Chi Epsilon Chapter, Manhattan College.  “Effects of Simulated Acidic Precipitation on Growth and Yield of Soybeans and Kidney Beans” published in BIOS 53-3, 1982.


1981--Tammy Davis, Iota Tau Chapter, Stephens College.  “Nonsurgical Transfer of Mouse Embryos” published in BIOS 53-3, pg. 127.


1980--Betty Ann Bremer, Epsilon Eta Chapter, Northern Arizona University.  “A Comparison of Two Desert Soil Communities and a Measure of Fungal Species Distribution within a Community” published in BIOS in September 1980, 51-3.


1979--Melanye Pearson, Alpha Omega Chapter, Hartwick College.  “The Life History of Trepobates Inermis Esaki (Hemipera: Gerridae)” published in BIOS in October 1979 (pg.138ff.)


1978-- Linda Serebin, Mu Chapter, Carroll College. "Late Effects of Cow Dose Radiation on Mouse Small Intestine." BIOS 49 (4): 147-156, 1978.


1977-- No Award


1976-- Robert E. Wagner, SUNY/Potsdam. "The effect of size and temperature on the filtration rate of the frshwater mussel, Elliptic Complanatus." BIOS pg 82 1976 Dec.


1973-1975-- David R. Archer, Delta Kappa Chapter, Emporia Kansas State College. "Effect of oxygen concentration on active transport of glucose by rat jejunum in vitro." BIOS 46:179-182.

Amanda Meitz, Lambda Pi Chapter, Adrian College. "Differential effects of gamma radiation on Drosophila oocytes." BIOS 45:30-35.

Harold L. Kent, Gamma Psi Chapter, Kansas State at Pittsburg. "Diethylstilbestrol-induced changes in the internal sexual apparatus of the embryonic chicken." BIOS 45: 112-12.1


1972-- No Award


1970-- Michael M. Taylor, Kansas State College of Pittsburg. "The Osteolathyrogenic effect of orally-administered B-Anilinopropionitrile in the chick." BIOS XLI (1): 7-14, 1970.

Randall S. Alberte, Rho, Gettysburg College. "Effects of Auxin Antagonists on Vegitative Growth and Flowering in Zinnia." BIOS XLI (1): 15-20, 1970.


1969-- Joan LeBel, Eta Omicron, Nazareth College of New York. "Studies of three species of Lycopodium in tissue culture." BIOS XL (1): 14-20, 1969.


1968-- William B. Lushbaugh, Delta Alpha, Univ of Michigan and New Mexico State Univ. "Biochemical Approach to the Systematics of the Trematode Family Azygiidae." BIOS XXXIX (4): 161-166, 1968.

McClung Award Winners

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