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Beta Beta Beta is a non-discriminating organization that does not consider age, race, color, creed, sex, national origin or sexual preference.  There are five (5) levels of membership in TriBeta.  For full definitions, see the Constitution. Your chapter may impose additional membership requirements.

  • Regular:     Undergraduate biological science majors who meet national requirements.

  • Graduate:   Graduate students in biology. Faculty members.

  • Associate:   Undergraduate students who have an interest in the life sciences, but do not yet qualify for Regular membership in the Honor Society.

  • Honorary:   Honorary members may be elected by any chapter in recognition of significant accomplishment as biologists or outstanding service to the chapter.

  • Promoted:  Associate members who now qualify to be Regular members in the Honor Society

Membership Qualifications

Based on the TriBeta Constitution, the following are qualifications for each of the membership levels.

Regular members shall be:

a)  undergraduate “majors” in biological science at an institution where a chapter of Beta Beta Beta is located,

b)  shall have completed at least one term of the second year of a four year curriculum or its equivalent,

c)  shall have completed at least three semester courses in biological science, of which at least one is not an introductory course,     with an average grade of B or its equivalent in those biology courses,

d)  shall have a B average in all courses, and

e)  shall be in good academic standing.

f)  Only regular members may hold the constitutionally specified chapter offices, vote on chapter membership nominations and national questions, and represent the chapter or vote at national conventions.

Graduate members shall be:

a)  either graduate students currently enrolled in a life science at an institution where there is a chapter or faculty members actively serving in the biological sciences.

b)  They may participate in the local activities of any chapter or club except for the holding of constitutionally specified chapter or club offices and voting on chapter or club membership and national matters.

c)  They may attend district or national conventions, and, upon special designation, represent their original chapter or club at a national convention.

d)  They shall not be eligible for undergraduate awards.


Associate members shall be:

a)  undergraduates whose interests include the life sciences in some significant way but who are ineligible for regular membership.

b)  Associate members shall be eligible to participate in all local, district, and national activities except

those specifically reserved to regular members by this constitution.

Chapter or club honorary members:

a)  may be elected by any chapter or club in recognition of significant accomplishment as biologists or of outstanding service to the chapter or club.

Promoted members shall be:

a)  associate members who now qualify to be Regular members in the Honor Society.

Membership Fees

The following are the fees based on the various membership levels as of August 1st, 2019.

  • Regular:  $55

  • Graduate:  $55

  • Honorary:  $55

  • Alumnus:  $55

  • Promoted:  $10

  • Associate:  $45

For all except Associate and Alumnus, the fee is a life membership fee. Associate membership ends with graduation or leaving the institution.  Alumnus membership is annual. The chapter may elect to add an additional chapter membership fee if it desires.

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