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Chapter Advisor Training for My Honor Society Platform


We have transitioned our membership registration process and records to My Honor Society.  As chapter advisors, you will benefit the most from this platform.  Training sessions will be held in the Fall and the Spring. 

Login to MyHonorSociety Registration Portal

TriBeta partners with MyHonorSociety, a software platform designed specifically for honor societies.  The platform will streamline the registration process and membership records.


Each chapter advisor will be provided login information.

Through the MyHonorSociety registration portal, chapters will have access to their historical membership records. 

Upload List of
Eligible Students

Upload the names and email addresses of students eligible to join TriBeta. 


The registration portal will send an email to each student inviting them to join TriBeta.

The email will contain a link for students to pay their membership dues directly through the portal as well as order merchandise.

Reminder emails are sent automatically. 


Once the invitation period is over, the National Office will process the paid memberships and ship all member materials to the chapter advisor. 


The invitation period is typically two-weeks long.  

Please allow sufficient time for students to accept their invitation to join when planning the induction ceremony and uploading the list of eligible students.

If you are the chapter advisor, a login to the My Honor Society site has already been established for you.  Click the Login/Reset Password button below, enter your school email address and a link should be sent to you to reset your password.  If you receive an error that your email is not found in the system, please click the Request a Login button below and complete the form to request a login.  Please contact the National Office with any questions on logging in or how to navigate the system.  

The following video is recorded from the first training session for My Honor Society.  It is 54 minutes long and provides a detailed, step-by-step instructions on creating a new membership invitation group.  More training session demos will be offered in the Fall and Spring semesters.  Please email the national office with any questions.  

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