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New member registrations can be submitted to the National Office at any time.  Please follow the directions below.  If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact the National Office via the Contact Us page.  


Click the yellow "Registration Form" button below to download the current

registration form.

Complete Form

Complete the registration form.  Provide chapter info and list of new members.  The invoice will be created as you complete the form.

Submit Payment

Submit payment through Paypal or mail a single check/money order to the National Office. 

Upload Form

Click the red "Register New Members" button below to upload the completed excel registration form. 

You may send a written invitation to those eligible for regular or graduate membership. Printed invitations and envelopes are available from the National Office. Use general notices to recruit associate members.


For full definitions, see the National Constitution. Your chapter may impose additional membership requirements.

Regular:  Undergraduate biological science majors who meet national requirements.

Graduate:  Graduate students in biology. Faculty members.

Honorary:  Honorary members may be elected by any chapter in recognition of significant accomplishment as biologists or outstanding service to the chapter.

Promoted:  Associate members who now qualify to be Regular members in the Honor Society.

Associate:  Undergraduate students who have an interest in the life sciences, but do not yet qualify for Regular membership in the Honor Society.

  • Regular, Graduate, Honorary--$55.00;

  • Promoted--$10.00;

  • Associate--$45.00.


For all except Associate and Alumnus, the fee is a life membership fee. Associate membership ends with graduation or leaving the institution: alumnus membership is annual. The chapter may elect to add an additional chapter membership fee if it desires.

  1. Download the most recent version of the Member Registration Form.  

  2. Collect fees and convert into a single check or money order made payable to Beta Beta Beta. Payment can also be made via PayPal.

  3. Complete the Registration Form with chapter information and the list of new members.  The invoice will be created as you complete the form.  

  4. Upload the excel registration file to the National Office Dropbox account. Click the blue "Register New Members" button. 

  5. The following items are included in Regular, Graduate, Honorary, and Promoted memberships:  certificate, honor cord, flash drive, and decals.   Associate members receive:  certificate, pen, and decals.

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