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Beta Beta Beta District Conventions

District convention information can be found below.  Each year there are 12 district conventions.  Just as the local chapter is the center of TriBeta programs, the district convention is the most important regional project. It offers student members a chance to report their research and to hear from outstanding graduate investigators and teachers who give invited lectures and hold informal discussions.

Please click the buttons below for the District Outstanding Chapter Award Score Sheet and the District Outstanding Chapter Award Form. 

Starting in the Spring 2023, TriBeta members who received a research grant during the previous Fall semester can apply for a District Convention Travel Grant to help cover some of the cost of travel to attend their district convention to present their research.  Please click the button below to download the guidelines and application.  

2024 District Convention information will be added as it becomes available, typically in early Spring.  The district convention travel application will be updated and posted by mid January 2024.  An announcement email will be sent to all research grant recipients when the application period is open.  

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