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Are you an upcoming graduate? Stand out among your graduating peers and celebrate your special day with a βββ graduation medallion and show your distinction with style.


As a βββ member*, you have the honor of wearing this medallion at graduation! Presented on a dark green ribbon to match our graduation stoles, this 2” diameter green and gold enameled medallion will set you apart on graduation day.

Guidelines for wearing graduation regalia varies from school to school, and we recommend checking with your college or university before ordering.


Please note, graduation regalia items are available for members* only.  You will be asked to provide your member number at the time of purchase. Your TriBeta member number can be found on your certificate.


*Regular, Promoted, Graduate, and Honorary βββ members are eligible to wear the medallion graduation regalia. Membership will be verified before order is fulfilled.


βββ Graduation Medallion

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