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List of Chapters - School Names T - U


Chapters of Beta Beta Beta are located at the following colleges and universities in the United States and Puerto Rico. The Greek name and year of installation follows the institution’s name. An ***** by the institution’s name indicates that an application for a charter is pending. If the chapter has a website, click the name of the college to go to that chapter's website. 



Talladega Coll, Mu Pi (1985)

Tarleton State Univ, Sigma Delta (1968)

Tennessee Tech Univ, Kappa Tau (1976)

Texas A&M Univ/Commerce, Delta Gamma (1961)

Texas A&M Univ/Corpus Christi, Epsilon Phi (1973)

Texas A&M Univ/Galveston, Delta Delta (1997)

Texas A&M Univ/Kingsville, Nu Delta (2008)

Texas A&M Univ/Texarkana, Delta Chi Delta (2018)

Texas International Univ, Nu Kappa (2006)

Texas Lutheran Univ, Epsilon Psi (1973)

Texas Southern Univ, Delta Upsilon (1965)

Texas State Univ/San Marcos, Kappa Zeta (1967)

Texas Tech Univ, Nu Alpha (1999)

Texas Wesleyan Univ, Sigma Theta (1981)

Texas Woman's Univ, Delta Epsilon (1946)

Thiel Coll, Kappa (1927)

Thomas More Univ, Rho Theta (2003)

Thomas Univ, Mu Kappa Delta (2019)

Toccoa Falls College, Eta Delta Gamma (2019)

Tougaloo Coll, Omicron Pi (2009)

Towson Univ, Upsilon Eta (1968)

Transylvania Univ, Mu Delta (1997)

Trine Univ, Xi Beta (1980)

Trinidad State Community Coll, Phi Alpha Club (1997)

Trinity Coll/CT, Chi Delta Alpha (2014)

Troy Univ, Mu Epsilon (1974)

Truman State Univ, Psi Zeta (1987)

Tulane/Newcomb Coll, Beta Lambda (1942)

Union Univ, Kappa Alpha Kappa (2011)

Univ of Alabama, Kappa Beta (1966)

Univ of Alabama/Huntsville, Kappa Delta Beta (2018)

Univ of Arizona/Tucson, Epsilon Chi Lambda (2018)

Univ of Arkansas/Fort Smith, Omicron Omega (2010)

Univ of Bridgeport, Upsilon Delta Eta (2018)

Univ of California/Irvine, Epsilon Chi Kappa (2018)

Univ of Central Missouri, Gamma Phi (1956)

Univ of Central Oklahoma, Psi Mu (2002)

Univ of Colorado/Denver, Phi Rho (2006)

Univ of Dallas, Epsilon Tau (2011)

Univ of Dayton, Theta Kappa (1962)

Univ of Delaware, Alpha Psi (1955)

Univ of Findlay, Theta Sigma (2011)

Univ of Holy Cross, Eta Gamma (2002)

Univ of Houston/Clear Lake, Nu Delta Alpha (2014)

Univ of Houston/Victoria, Nu Gamma Nu (2013)

Univ of Jamestown, Iota Beta Iota (2013)

Univ of Kansas, Pi Lambda (2000)

Univ of Kentucky, Mu Lambda (2003)

Univ of Louisiana/Monroe, Nu Gamma (2006)

Univ of Louisville, Mu Kappa Chi (2019)

Univ of Lynchburg, Rho Tau (2003)

Univ of Maine/Farmington, Upsilon Kappa (1968)

Univ of Maine/Orono, Chi Delta (2000)

Univ of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Mu Eta Beta (2011)

Univ of Massachusetts Boston, Theta Omicron (2004)

Univ of Miami, Beta Omicron (1948)

Univ of Michigan/Dearborn, Xi Alpha (1979)

Univ of Minnesota/Morris, Gamma Xi (2001)

Univ of Mississippi, Beta Kappa (1941)

Univ of Missouri/Columbia, Pi Eta (1989)

Univ of Missouri/St Louis, Iota Lambda (1996)

Univ of Montevallo, Beta Iota (1940)

Univ of Mount Olive, Sigma Zeta (2002)

Univ Of Mount Union, Xi Zeta (2001)

Univ of NC/Chapel Hill, Tau Iota (1994)

Univ of NC/Charlotte, Tau Lambda (1989)

Univ of NC/Greensboro, Beta Gamma (1951)

Univ of NC/Pembroke, Psi Lambda (2002)

Univ of NC/Wilmington, Sigma Sigma (2000)

Univ of Nebraska/Lincoln, Iota Upsilon (1981)

Univ of Nevada/Las Vegas, Phi Lambda (2000)

Univ of Nevada/Reno, Epsilon Chi Iota (2016)

Univ of New Hampshire/Manchester, Theta Epsilon Theta (2017)

Univ of New Haven, Lambda Gamma Chi (2019)

Univ of New Orleans, Kappa Chi (1969)

Univ of North Alabama, Beta Zeta (1953)

Univ of North Georgia, Psi Rho (2006)

Univ of North Georgia/Gainesville, Tau Delta Lambda (2018)

Univ of North Texas/Dallas, Delta Beta Delta (2017)

Univ of North Texas/Denton, Delta Zeta (1947)

Univ of Northern Colorado, Phi Omicron (2004)

Univ of Northern Iowa, Delta Iota (1934)

Univ of Northwestern/St Paul, Omicron Sigma (2009)

Univ Of Pikeville, Pi Zeta (2008)

Univ of Pittsburgh/Bradford, Alpha Kappa (1991)

Univ of Pittsburgh/Greensburg, Theta Pi (2005)

Univ of Pittsburgh/Johnstown, Phi Delta (1983)

Univ of Pittsburgh/Pitts, Alpha Gamma (1952)

Univ of Portland, Epsilon Zeta (1943)

Univ of Puerto Rico/Aguadilla, Zeta Lambda (2009)

Univ of Puerto Rico/Arecibo, Zeta Phi (2017)

Univ of Puerto Rico/Carolina, Zeta Mu (2012)

Univ of Puerto Rico/Cayey, Zeta Epsilon (1974)

Univ of Puerto Rico/May, Zeta Alpha (1945)

Univ of Puerto Rico/Ponce, Zeta Kappa (2005)

Univ of Puerto Rico/Rio Piedras, Zeta Gamma (1952)

Univ of Richmond, Beta Theta (1939)

Univ of San Francisco, Omicron Alpha (1969)

Univ of SC/Aiken, Mu Nu (2012)

Univ of SC/Columbia, Tau Mu (1987)

Univ of Sci & Arts of Oklahoma, Psi Iota (1990)

Univ of Scranton, Alpha Tau (1994)

Univ of South Carolina/Upstate, Eta Delta Chi (2019)

Univ of South Florida, Psi Psi (2006)

Univ of Southern Maine, Chi Tau (1990)

Univ of Southern Miss, Beta Chi (1950)

Univ of St Francis, Gamma Kappa (2011)

Univ of St Joseph/CT, Rho Zeta (2006)

Univ of St Thomas/MN, Gamma Tau (1990)

Univ of St Thomas/TX, Nu Beta (1999)

Univ of Tampa, Sigma Nu (1978)

Univ of Tenn/Chattanooga, Sigma (1928)

Univ of Tenn/Knoxville, Mu Zeta (1997)

Univ of Tenn/Martin, Mu Upsilon (1989)

Univ of Texas/Arlington, Nu Epsilon (2006)

Univ of Texas/Austin, Kappa Upsilon (1978)

Univ of Texas/Rio Grande Valley, Nu Omega (2008)

Univ of Texas/San Antonio, Nu Chi (2004)

Univ of Texas/Tyler, Kappa Xi (1977)

Univ of the Cumberlands, Beta Sigma (1990)

Univ of The Ozarks, Nu Eta (2006)

Univ of the Pacific, Omicron (1996)

Univ of Toledo, Alpha Rho (2006)

Univ of Tulsa, Pi Alpha (1979)

Univ of Vermont, Upsilon Tau (2005)

Univ of Washington, Omicron Eta (1992)

Univ of West Alabama, Beta Phi (1999)

Univ of West Georgia, Rho Sigma (2003)

Univ of Wisc/Eau Claire, Iota Gamma (1969)

Univ of Wisc/Green Bay, Omega Eta (1998)

Univ of Wisc/Madison, Omega Pi (2003)

Univ of Wisc/Stevens Pt, Lambda Omicron (1973)

Univ of Wisc/Whitewater, Gamma Mu (1960)

Ursinus Coll, Rho Alpha (1980)

USAF Academy, Phi Gamma (1991)

Utah State Univ, Omicron Upsilon (2009)

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