List of Chapters - School Names V - Z


Chapters of Beta Beta Beta are located at the following colleges and universities in the United States and Puerto Rico. The Greek name and year of installation follows the institution’s name. An ***** by the institution’s name indicates that an application for a charter is pending. If the chapter has a website, click the name of the college to go to that chapter's website. 



Valdosta State Univ, Psi Phi (2004)

Villanova Univ, Rho Upsilon (2004)

Virginia Commonwealth Univ, Kappa Delta Chi (2018)

Virginia Military Inst, Psi Omicron (2004)

Virginia State Univ, Mu Eta (1970)

Virginia Wesleyan Univ, Psi Chi (2004)

Viterbo Univ, Omega Psi (2005)

Wabash Coll, Chi Beta Chi (2013)

Wagner Coll, Eta Upsilon (1961)

Wake Forest Univ, Beta Rho (1948)

Waldorf University, Iota Delta Beta (2018)

Wartburg Coll, Gamma Lambda (1951)

Washburn Univ, Pi Gamma (2002)

Washington and Lee Univ, Phi Xi (2009)

Washington Coll, Rho Iota (1995)

Wayne County Comm Coll, Xi Alpha Club (2013)

Webster University, Gamma Delta Beta (2019)

Wesleyan Coll, Sigma Lambda (1978)

West Texas A&M Univ, Delta Xi (1963)

West Virginia Univ, Kappa Mu (1974)

West Virginia Wesleyan, Beta Mu (1974)

Western Illinois Univ, Gamma Iota (1955)

Western Kentucky Univ, Mu Gamma (2017)

Western State Colorado Univ, Gamma (1925)

Westfield State University, Upsilon Delta Epsilon (2018)

Westminster Coll/MO, Iota Kappa (1970)

Westminster Coll/PA, Alpha Sigma (1948)

Westminster Coll/UT, Phi Mu (2001)

Wheaton Coll, Chi Nu (1983)

Wheeling Jesuit Univ, Alpha Delta (1997)

Whittier Coll, Omicron Chi (1976)

Widener Univ, Rho Kappa (1994)

Wilkes Univ, Theta Delta (2001)

Willamette Univ, Phi Psi (2004)

William Jewell Coll, Lambda (1927)

William Paterson Univ, Chi Rho (1986)

William Peace Univ, Sigma Iota (2001)

William Woods Univ, Pi Phi (2007)

Williams Baptist University, Mu Mu (2001)

Winona State Univ, Gamma Delta (1994)

Winston-Salem State Univ, Nu Zeta (2009)

Winthrop Univ, Psi (1929)

Wittenberg Univ, Xi (1928)

Wofford Coll, Tau Pi (1989)

Worcester State Univ, Chi Iota (1977)

Xavier Univ, Sigma Kappa (1977)

Xavier University/OH, Xi Delta Epsilon (2018)

York College of PA, Theta Epsilon (2002)