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List of Chapters - School Names J - N


Chapters of Beta Beta Beta are located at the following colleges and universities in the United States and Puerto Rico. The Greek name and year of installation follows the institution’s name. An ***** by the institution’s name indicates that an application for a charter is pending. If the chapter has a website, click the name of the college to go to that chapter's website. 



Jackson State Univ, Sigma Epsilon (1968)

Jacksonville State Univ, Mu Phi (1983)

Jacksonville Univ, Sigma Alpha (1968)

James Madison Univ, Psi Beta (1979)

Jarvis Christian Coll, Delta Phi (2007)

Johns Hopkins Univ, Rho Phi (2000)

Judson College, Kappa Sigma (1976)

Juniata Coll, Lambda Epsilon (1970)

Kansas Wesleyan Univ, Iota Eta (1970)

Kean Univ / Ocean, Rho Delta Chi (2016)

Kean Univ / Union, Chi Mu (1981)

Keene State Univ, Lambda Zeta (1966)

Kennesaw State Univ, Tau Epsilon (1988)

Kutztown Univ, Upsilon Delta Alpha (2015)

La Sierra Univ, Phi Omega (2004)

Lafayette College, Chi Chi (2019)

LaGrange Coll, Psi Lambda Alpha (2016)

Lake Forest Coll, Lambda Phi (1935)

Lamar Univ, Delta Omicron (1963)

Lander Univ, Psi Theta (2006)

Las Positas Coll, Omicron Lambda Club (2014)

Lebanon Valley Coll, Alpha Zeta (1953)

Lee Univ, Psi Omega (2003)

LeMoyne Coll, Chi Pi (1985)

Lewis Univ, Omega Omicron (1999)

Lincoln College/IL, Gamma Delta Chi (2019)

Lincoln Univ/MO, Pi Omega (2002)

Lincoln Univ/PA, Rho Psi (2002)

Lipscomb Univ, Kappa Delta Alpha (2016)

Long Island Univ/CW Post, Upsilon Psi (1974)

Longwood Univ, Kappa Lambda (1974)

Louisiana State Univ/Baton Rouge, Eta Alpha (1988)

Louisiana State Univ/Shreveport, Nu Iota (2006)

Louisiana Tech Univ, Delta Alpha Delta (2017)

Loyola Marymount Univ, Epsilon Delta (1999)

Loyola Univ/Chicago, Lambda Omega (1970)

Loyola Univ/MD, Theta Chi (1965)

Loyola Univ/New Orleans, Eta Lambda (1956)

Luther Coll, Pi Rho (2008)

Lycoming Coll, Rho Beta (1980)

Macalester Coll, Iota Phi (2012)

Manchester Univ, Xi Alpha Xi (2012)

Manhattan Coll, Chi Theta (1975)

Manhattanville Coll, Upsilon Sigma (1972)

Maple Woods/Metropolitan Comm Coll, Lambda Club (2010)

Marietta Coll, Iota (1926)

Mars Hill Univ, Kappa Beta Alpha (2013)

Mary Baldwin Univ, Alpha Pi (1948)

Marymount Univ, Eta Kappa (2003)

Maryville Coll, Eta Phi (1963)

McDaniel Coll, Alpha Mu (1932)

McMurry Univ, Pi Beta (1979)McPherson Coll, Iota Iota (1999)

Mercer Univ, Beta Omega (1954)

Mercy Coll, Upsilon Zeta (1983)

Mercyhurst Univ, Upsilon Pi (1971)

Meredith Coll, Tau Xi (1982)

Methodist Univ, Tau Zeta (1982)

Miami Dade College/Interamerican, Tau Delta Iota (2014)

Miami Dade College/North Campus, Eta Delta Alpha (2019)

Middle Tenn State Univ, Kappa Delta (1967)

Midway Univ, Mu Chi (1998)

Midwestern State Univ, Delta Mu (1954)

Millikin Univ, Iota Epsilon (2011)

Millsaps Coll, Kappa Pi (1975)

Minnesota State Univ/Mankato, Pi Psi (2007)

Minnesota State Univ/Moorhead, Omega Mu (1988)

Misericordia Univ, Nu Rho (2009)

Miss Univ for Women, Upsilon (1928)

Mississippi Coll, Mu Beta (1971)

Mississippi State Univ, Mu Sigma (1984)

Missouri State Univ, Iota Theta (1979)

Missouri Western State Univ, Psi Xi (1987)

Monmouth Coll/IL, Gamma Pi (1945)

Monmouth Univ/NJ, Chi Eta (1976)

Moravian Coll, Rho Eta (1965)

Morehead State Univ, Phi Theta (2009)

Morningside Coll, Tau (2001)

Mount Mary Coll/WI, Theta Alpha (1961)

Mount St Joseph Univ, Xi Gamma (1985)

Mount St Mary Coll/NY, Lambda Theta (1975)

Mount St Mary's Univ/MD, Upsilon Mu (1989)

Murray State Univ, Beta Pi (1948)

Muskingum Univ, Upsilon Nu (1969)

Nassau Comm Coll, Eta Epsilon Club (2016)

Nebraska Wesleyan Univ, Theta Tau (1964)

Nevada State College, Epsilon Chi Gamma (2016)

New Jersey City Univ, Nu Pi (2008)

New Jersey Inst of Tech, Omega Tau (2006)

New Mexico Institute, Epsilon Chi (1970)

New York Inst of Tech, Rho Delta Alpha (2015)

Niagara Univ, Eta Xi (2002)

Nicholls State Univ, Mu Kappa Alpha (2015)

North Carolina A&T Univ, Tau Phi (1996)

North Carolina Central Univ, Tau Delta Mu (2018)

North Central Coll, Gamma Nu (1937)

North Greenville Univ, Tau Delta Alpha (2014)

North Park Univ, Theta Mu (1963)

Northeastern Illinois Univ, Omega Xi (1987)

Northeastern Univ/MA, Chi Delta Epsilon (2014)

Northern Arizona Univ, Epsilon Eta (1959)

Northern Kentucky Univ, Mu Iota (1993)

Northern Michigan Univ, Omega Chi (1988)

Northwest Missouri State, Iota Beta (1966)

Northwestern State Univ, Delta Theta (1949)

Norwich Univ, Chi Sigma (1989)

Notre Dame Of Maryland Univ, Alpha Xi (1947)

Nova Southeastern Univ, Rho Rho (2003)

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