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List of Chapters - School Names A - C


Chapters of Beta Beta Beta are located at the following colleges and universities in the United States and Puerto Rico. The Greek name and year of installation follows the institution’s name. An ***** by the institution’s name indicates that an application for a charter is pending. If the chapter has a website, click the name of the college to go to that chapter's website. 



Abraham Baldwin Agricultural Coll, Tau Delta Kappa (2014)

Adams State Univ, Phi Eta (1991)

Adelphi Univ, Eta Epsilon (1957)

Adrian Coll, Lambda Pi (1967)

Agnes Scott Coll, Sigma Upsilon (1997)

Albion Coll, Alpha Alpha (1950)

Albright Coll, Rho Delta (2010)

Alcorn State Univ, Kappa Omega (1975)

Allegheny Coll, Phi Epsilon (1984)

Alma Coll, Gamma Beta (1957)

Andrews Univ, Xi Lambda (1989)

Angelo State Univ, Epsilon Sigma (1970)

Appalachian State Univ, Beta Psi (1954)

Aquinas College, Lambda Alpha (1966)

Arcadia Univ, Theta Delta Theta (2017)

Arkansas Tech Univ, Psi Kappa (2002)

Ashland Univ, Xi Mu (1990)

Athens State Univ, Mu Kappa Beta (2015)

Auburn Univ, Mu Psi (1988)

Auburn Univ/Montgomery, Mu Alpha (2013)

Augsburg Univ, Omega Lambda (1987)

Augusta University, Kappa Kappa (1973)

Augustana Coll/IL, Gamma Sigma (1948)

Augustana Univ/SD, Gamma Zeta (1959)

Austin Coll, Delta Rho (1964)

Austin Peay State Univ, Eta Pi (1959)

Ave Maria Univ, Tau Delta Gamma (2014)

Averett Univ, Kappa Theta (1976)

Avila Univ, Pi Iota (2001)

Azusa Pacific Univ, Epsilon Gamma (2010)


Barry Univ, Sigma Eta (1969)

Baylor Univ, Beta Tau (1931)

Belmont Abbey Coll, Tau Upsilon (1982)

Belmont Univ, Mu Theta (1988)

Bemidji State Univ, Pi Delta Alpha (2015)

Benedictine Univ, Iota Pi (1975)

Berea Coll, Beta Epsilon (1954)

Bergen Comm Coll, Upsilon Upsilon Club (2016)

Berry Coll, Tau Alpha (1982)

Bethany Coll/KS, Pi Mu (2002)

Bethany Coll/WV, Alpha Phi (1949)

Bethel Univ, Gamma Omega (1992)

Birmingham Southern, Kappa Psi (1975)

Bloomsburg Univ, Rho Chi (1984)

Blue Mountain Coll, Pi Tau (2007)

Bowling Green State Univ, Alpha Beta (1952)

Bradley Univ, Omega Epsilon (1995)

Brevard Coll, Rho Pi (2002)

Bridgewater Coll, Nu Upsilon (2009)

Bridgewater State Univ, Theta Lambda (2004)

Bryan College of Health Science, Gamma Delta Alpha (2019)

Cabrini Univ, Lambda Rho (1974)

Cal Poly State/Pomona, Epsilon Nu (1963)

Cal Poly/San Luis Obispo, Epsilon Pi (1952)

Cal State Univ/Fresno, Epsilon Lambda (1951)

Cal State Univ/Los Angeles, Epsilon Theta (1996)

Cal State Univ/Monterey Bay, Phi Beta (2010)

Caldwell Univ, Rho Mu (1996)

California Lutheran Univ, Phi Tau (2009)

California Univ of PA, Upsilon Theta (1978)

Cameron Univ, Psi Eta (1984)

Canisius Coll, Alpha Theta (1941)

Capital Univ, Xi Tau (1999)

Carlow University, Lambda Tau (1994)

Carroll Univ, Mu (1927)

Carson-Newman Coll, Eta Tau (1960)

Carthage Coll, Epsilon (1930)

Catawba Coll, Tau Eta (1992)

Cazenovia Coll, Rho Delta Beta (2015)

CCS of New Hampshire/Manchester, Theta Epsilon Theta Club (2018)

Cedar Crest Coll, Theta Psi (1965)

Centenary Coll of Louisiana, Nu Delta Nu (2013)

Centenary Univ, Omega Rho (2010)

Central Christian College, Iota Alpha Iota (2013)

Central Coll/IA, Pi Nu (2002)

Central Methodist Univ, Gamma Upsilon (1956)

Central Michigan Univ, Theta Zeta (1962)

Central State Univ, Lambda Iota (1970)

Central Washington Univ, Omicron Gamma (1994)

Centre Coll, Kappa Nu (1999)

Chadron State Univ, Gamma Chi (1955)

Chapman Univ, Epsilon Mu (2010)

Charleston Southern Univ, Sigma Pi (1979)

Chatham Univ, Lambda Eta (1996)

Chicago State Univ, Omega Phi (2002)

Chowan Univ, Pi Upsilon (2006)

Christian Brothers Univ, Mu Tau (1981)

Christopher Newport Univ, Psi Sigma (2006)

Citadel, Tau Nu (1986)

Clarion Univ of PA, Upsilon Xi (1979)

Clarkson Univ, Eta Omicron (2002)

Clayton State Univ, Phi Upsilon (2009)

Clemson Univ, Pi Theta (2006)

Coastal Carolina Univ, Psi Upsilon (2006)

Colgate Univ, Upsilon Phi (1971)

Coll of Mount St Vincent, Chi Epsilon (1975)

Coll of New Jersey, Chi Upsilon (1992)

Coll of St Elizabeth, Alpha Epsilon (1954)

Coll of Wooster, Xi Nu (1997)

Colorado Mesa Univ, Epsilon Omicron (1988)

Colorado School of Mines, Omicron Nu (2008)

Colorado State Univ/Fort Collins, Epsilon Chi Alpha (2017)

Colorado State Univ/Pueblo, Phi Alpha (1978)

Columbus State Univ, Mu Omicron (1994)

Concordia Coll/MN, Omega Nu (1988)

Concordia Univ/Irvine, Epsilon Chi Delta (2016)

Converse Coll, Nu Xi (2009)

Copiah Lincoln Community Coll, Mu Beta Beta Club (2008)

Cornell Coll, Epsilon Iota (1937)

Covenant College, Psi Tau (2006)

Culver-Stockton Coll, Pi Kappa (2000)

Cumberland Univ, Pi Sigma (2003)

CUNY/Lehman Coll, Chi Psi (1986)

Curry Coll, Chi Alpha Chi (2013)

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