BIOS Call for Papers

BIOS, a quarterly journal of biology and the journal of the Beta Beta Beta Biological Society, has been published since 1930. It has a three-fold purpose: to publish matters that pertain to the affairs of the Society, to publish articles by members, and to publish articles that will be of general interest to biologists. Many distinguished biologists have contributed manuscripts for publication in BIOS, written especially with the undergraduate reader in mind. Subjects covered include articles on current research, developments in biology, biology as a profession, biology education, and articles on graduate and professional training for biologists. Special emphasis is placed on the publication of undergraduate research papers. 
BIOS is published four times a year: March, May, September, and December. 

Manuscripts of four types are considered for publication:

  • Research Articles

  • Preliminary Results

  • The Biologists' Forum: Reviews, opinion pieces, and other articles authored by faculty or post-docs.

  • The Student's Forum: Student-authored articles and opinion pieces.

All manuscripts are reviewed by college and university faculty or researchers. Membership in TriBeta is not required for publication in BIOS. 

Submissions to BIOS: 

Questions should be addressed to the Editor: 
Lori M. Kelman, Ph.D. 
Lori.Kelman "at"

BIOS Article Types

The Biologists’ Forum:  Review articles, opinion pieces, manuscripts on teaching or education, and other types of writings by faculty members or scientists.  Please note that review articles should not be solely authored by undergraduates.  We have found that the breadth of literature reviewed has not been up to publication standards when a ‘senior author’ is not intimately involved in the preparation of a review article.

Research Article:  Manuscripts describing a research study.  A very brief description of the sections, in order, follows:  The title should be descriptive.  Short title (running head) should be 50 characters or less.  Key words (optional) should not include words that appear in the title or abstract.  Abstracts should be no more than 350 words.  Introduction should be written for an undergraduate reader (please define jargon at first use).  Material and Methods should describe a reproducible study.  Results should describe what was observed.  Results and Discussion sections may be combined if desired.  Acknowledgements may be included.  Literature Cited (please use “Cell” style of citation in the paper and in this section). 


Figure and Table legends should include a title and explanation such that a reader can easily determine what is shown in the figure.Figures and Tables should be one or more separate files.  The print version of BIOS is black and white, and figures and tables should either be provided in grayscale or should be able to be reproduced in grayscale.  Color figures can be used in the online version of BIOS (;  There will be a charge of $85 per color figure, to be paid upon acceptance of the manuscript.  Please see the PayPal link below to submit your payment.

Preliminary Report:  Manuscripts that describe a very small study, an observational or behavioral study where the period of observation was too brief to draw broad conclusions, a study describing negative results, or other type of preliminary study. 

The Student’s Forum:  Please see information regarding review articles in “The Biologists’ Forum”, above.  Student-authored manuscripts that do not describe a research or preliminary study can be published in The Student’s Forum.  Students may write about laboratory experiences, college or graduate school searches, or just about any experience, opinion, or observation that would be of interest to readers of BIOS.

The Editor (Lori.Kelman "at" would be happy to answer questions or render an opinion on whether a manuscript (or idea for a manuscript) is suitable for publication in BIOS.

BIOS Instructions to Authors
  • Manuscript style:  Manuscripts should be word-processed using Microsoft Word, with minimal formatting. 

  • Use 12 point font for everything (do not use different sized fonts for headings or titles). 

  • Only the first letter of the first word of a title or heading (or a proper noun) is capitalized. 

  • Begin with a Title; Author(s); Affiliations; short (running) head; “Correspondence to: e-mail”. 

  • Use the following order: Abstract; Introduction; Materials and Methods; Results; Discussion; Acknowledgments (if any); References; Figure Legends. 

  • Tables and Figures should be separate files – see for specific information. 

  • Metric units should be used unless impractical. 

  • The text should be in standard American English and standard scientific nomenclature. 

  • New terms, abbreviations, and symbols are defined at first occurrence. 

  • Because BIOS is a general biology journal, please include an introduction suitable for a broad audience; jargon and specific terminology should be defined for the benefit of the undergraduate reader. 

  • Footnotes are not used. 

  • Supplementary data are not used.

  • All tables and figures must be referred to in the text. 

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