Becoming a Chapter

The following are the guidelines and procedures a university must follow if interested in becoming a TriBeta Chapter.  For any questions, please contact our National Office through the Contact Us tab or via email to 


  1. An Institution must be accredited by its regional accrediting association and be a baccalaureate degree-granting institution if it is applying for a chapter. An institution applying for a TriBeta Club must be an associate degree-granting institution and must have a written agrement from an active chapter at a four-year college or university consenting to sponsor and be supportive of the affiliated club. 

  2. Two application forms must be completed. One is sent to the Secretary-Treasurer of Beta Beta Beta and the other along with a catalogue is sent to the district director. The addresses are at the bottom of the application form. The application to the Secretary-Treasurer must be accompanied by a $300.00 application fee.

  3. The district director or someone appointed by him will visit the school. This visit will be both for the purpose of acquainting the school with Beta Beta Beta’s program and aims and to gain further knowledge about the school. TriBeta needs to know if a chapter or club will survive at the school thus the district director will be interested in the size of the department, number of faculty, number of majors, laboratory space and equipment, library holdings, plans for the future and administration support of the new chapter or club. Travel expenses for the district director will be paid by Beta Beta Beta.

  4. After the district director has visited the school, he/she will prepare a written report for the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets in early January and June to consider charter applications. If the application is approved by the Executive Committee, a vote of the chapters in that district will be taken.

  5. Once the application is approved by the chapters, the new chapter or club may begin arranging for its installation with the Secretary-Treasurer and the district director or installing officer. Once again the travel expenses of the installing officer will be paid by TriBeta, but local expenses are paid by the new chapter or club.

  6. If you wish to receive an application packet, send an email message to with your mailing address. In the application packet are various materials which explain Beta Beta Beta and its aims. We want you to know beforehand what we are trying to accomplish and what is expected of you as a chapter or club. Read them carefully, talk it over among yourselves and with your administration. If you have questions either the district director or the National Office will be glad to answer them.