The Local Chapter

Individual membership in TriBeta is through a chapter on the campus of a four-year accredited college or university. There are now more than 571 chapters offering their members activities and experiences that enrich and extend but do not duplicate the primary requirements for the biology major. The national constitution provides a framework for chapter activities, but each chapter is free to function in accordance with its own needs and school philosophy. Chapter programs typically include guest speakers, reports of research by members and department faculty, field trips, maintenance of collections, community service and social gatherings. Most chapters have a lounge or office on campus. A faculty advisor provides continuity and experience to the student members.

The Local Club

A TriBeta Club may be formed at any Junior or Community College. The club functions as any chapter does by having its own programs and activities, but is affiliated with a nearby chapter. The club may or may not have joint meetings with the sponsoring chapter depending on its own needs.

Every Chapter Should Undertake The Following Programs:

  1. Initiate new members at least once a year, registering them with the National Office to make their membership official.
  2. Report to the National Office at least once a year. What is in the report is up to your chapter. Be sure the names of officers and new advisor are reported.
  3. Undertake some program to promote TriBeta's aims as stated in the National Constitution, Article II. Suggestions for programs and activities appear in the information booklet and in BIOS.